Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley

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In the book Frankenstein, the reader is introduced to two exciting characters that both describe their own life story. This brings Mary Shelley’s audience to a mind-blowing novel, due to the way that fate intervenes through both of the characters. To start, Victor was born in a well-structured household and goes through life pursuing his passion of studying natural philosophy. Thus, leading him to creating his “creation.” Furthermore, the creation tells his side of the story, explaining that life to him was a mystery and much of it was a learning process. With these two characters, each go through the novel trying to achieve a particular goal. Considering this, it is implied that as the novel progresses and the reader is introduced to Victor and the creation, each possess the skills of want and desire and both will contradict each other; leading them to a chain of events that are irreversible.
After the beginning letters are presented the reader, the story shifts it’s narrative from Walton to Victor’s perspective of his respective life. He starts out by telling about his early childhood and the memories that surrounded it, but more importantly his story is focused on him attending Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt is the college that he always had dreamed of attending and this is where his love of science “sparks” his journey of interest in natural philosophy. Victor becomes so involved in his studies that at school, he attacks his studies with enthusiasm and full attention. This is what high school English teachers desire from their students today. In the midst of Victor’s studies, he neglects his family and friends regularly, that his father (Alphonse) takes notice and criticized him on why he is studying this particular subject. Alphonse ...

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...sophy, and particularly chemistry, in the most comprehensive sense of the term, became nearly my sole occupation” (59). Furthermore, the moral of Victors story is one that you don’t realize you have something until you lose it, and this is the explanation of him going after the creation and saving his ‘friends’ before they are killed. Thus, for the creation himself, he goes through the entire book trying to find that “perfect peace of happiness.” Therefore, the creation’s story and Victors are similar because they both go through the book trying to find their goal in life. The creation pursing his life of trying to fit in society and learning how to interact with people causes his life to end at the same point he started, loneliness. Thus, Victor went from being content to loneliness and ended at the same point the monster did at the end of the novel.
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