Frankenstein Monster Abuse Essay

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Frankenstein, written in the early 1800’s, details the creation and abuse of a monster by Victor Frankenstein. Mary Shelley uses her personal family life as a basis for the novel, as there are many obvious parallels. Consequently, a traumatic experience, like the abuse the monster receives from Victor, can have negative effects on such a being. After the monster commits a series of murders, it becomes apparent that the monster has been deeply affected by its abuse. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the actions and iniquities of the monster can be attributed to the abuse and abandonment by Victor Frankenstein. According to research, children who have been abandoned by their parents at a young age are 25% more likely to experience delinquency during their teen years(). Victor is considered the monsters guardian; someone who nurtures and cares for the monster in his early years. Victor, however, finds his creation ugly and dismisses himself from caring for him. The monster immediately has hatred for the human race as Victor, the monster’s only insight into the human race, demonstrates selfishness and maltreatment to him. At one point in Frankenstein, the monster feels as though “[he is] malicious because [he is] miserable. [Is he] not shunned and hated by all mankind? [Victor, his] creator, would tear [him] to pieces and triumph… why [should he] pity man more than [man] pities…show more content…
Shall [he] respect man when [man] condemns [him]?” (Shelley 129). The monster brings up a valid point on why he should be kind to man when man has only ever been atrocious to him. Towards the beginning of
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