Frankenstein Info.

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Author: Mary Shelley Country England
Title Frankenstein Genre: Fiction/Horror
1. Characters, with a brief description of each.
Victor Frankenstein: He is the main character, a paradigm of ambition and curiosity. He does not know when to stop, and therefore loses everything.
Elizabeth Lavenza: She is the sweet sister-bride of Victor. With flawless personality, she represents the hope for escape to a good future.
Caroline: As Victor's mother, she is as generous as can be. A bit controlling, she desires the marriage of Victor and Elizabeth from day one.
Alphonse: Victor's father, a man who is kind and caring towards those in need. His happiness depends on the happiness of his children. If that fails, he does also.
William: The youngest son of the Frankenstein family, he is victimized terribly and becomes a symbol of lost youth.
Henry Clerval: Victor's best friend since childhood, he understands his friend better than any other character. He has opposite kinds of dreams and goals.
Justine: A servant in the Frankenstein household who is more like a sister. She is accused of attacking William, and becomes another martyred symbol for lost youth.
The Creature: He is the work of Frankenstein's hands, his greatest and worst passion rolled into one. The two have an unbreakable connection.
Robert Walton: The stand-in for the reader, he is the person to whom Victor relates his entire history. He has much in common with the narrator: ambition, drive, desire for glory.
De Lacey: He is the head of the household adopted by the creature. A blind man who is kind but has been robbed of his fortunes.
Felix: The son of De Lacey, he is idealistic and not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.
He loves his family with all his heart.
Agatha: The daughter of De Lacey, she is a cheerful soul who lives to aid her brother and care for her father. She retains a level of class, even though she is poor.
Safie: The betrothed of Felix, she is wonderfully exotic and beautiful. She also is cheerful, and loves to sing.
2. Settings, with a brief description of each.
Frankenstein is set in the mountainous regions and woods surrounding the Frankenstein home in Geneva, with the opening of the book set in the Arctic region, amidst icebergs and dogsleds. Some of the story is also set in the dark regions of Scotland.
3. One paragraph plot summary.
Robert Walton corresponds with his sister in a letter while on expedition to the Arctic
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