Frankenstein Essay

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We all know what a hero is defined as right? A hero is a figure that portrays a unique quality that makes them special. An example being superman, superman has the ability to fly and in doing this he saves lives which cause him to grow as a hero. Tragic heroes are alike in the way that they both carry a special quality trait but different in a way that a tragic heroes special power leads to their destruction and down fall. Victor Frankenstein is the tragic hero of Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein ,because no matter his good intentions, his thirst for knowledge leads to his destruction because of a single cause and primary key factors that evident to heart wrenching results.
The single and most influential cause of Victor’s dramatic downfall is his insane craving for knowledge. Victor wished to "become capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter" (Shelley 38) and would not stop until he fulfilled his dream. The world was as if it was invisible in the eyes of Victor because nothing else mattered until his creation was in motion. Victor’s dream suddenly turns into a nightmare when his creation is portrayed as a monster and "no mortal could support the horror of that countenance" (44). Victors first mistake that leads to his downfall is abandoning the creature without first taking responsibility for the being he had created which evident to many factors of destruction.
There are quite a few key factors that contribute to the destruction of Victor’s life as well as those around him. Victor envelops his life to creating a being with no thought on what his creation could bring to the ones he loves. After the monster awakes from his death, Victor is "unable to endure the aspect of the being [he] created, [he] rushed out of ...

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...l, Victors great need for knowledge and his rage toward the monster led to the death of all he loved, the being he devoted his life to, and himself.
Victor is seen as the true tragic hero because his intentions for making the monster were not harmful but his need for revenge and his want for knowledge led to his downfall. The monster could also be seen as a tragic hero in the view that the monster did not wish to turn into such a beast. He once was good but his resentment to society caused him to turn evil, he only wanted to be accepted. Mary Shelley's lesson to her reads is too much ambition can lead to your destruction, and she represents this threw Victor in the way that no scientific discovery is worth sacrificing yours and others lives.

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