Frankenstein Appearance Essay

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Throughout every individuals life there are experiences of unfair judgments based on someone’s appearance. While this is never a good thing, it is an action that everyone takes part in, whether it is purposeful or not. In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s message is very clear as she illustrates the cruel events that take place in a society focused only on outside beauty. The central message that Shelley communicates with Frankenstein, is that while appearance is just one of an individuals many characteristics; it is always a factor they are judged on regardless of all the other qualities they may possess.

The first impression you have when meeting someone is their appearance, which makes it easy to judge people based on how they
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Throughout the story Victor Frankenstein’s creation is constantly judged and rejected solely for how he looks. In the monsters first couple of days alive he wanders to a village and attracts everyone’s attention. Some people ran away, but “some attacked [him], until, grievously bruised by stones and many other kinds of missile weapons, [he] escaped to the open country”(109). There is no explanation for the villager’s actions, other than the fact that they were unable to look past his inhuman appearance. Even though they had never interacted with the monster, their unnecessary actions impacted his negative view on mankind and physically hurt him. Later on when the monster decides to travel to Geneva he sees a young girl slip and fall into a stream. Immediately after he “rushed from [his] hiding place, and, with extreme labor from the force of the current, saved her and dragged her to shore”(143). Right after the monster saves the girls life a man grabs her from the monster and shoots him. As the monster says, he “saved a human being from destruction, and as a recompense [he] now writhed under the miserable pain of a wound which shattered the flesh and bone”(143). Shelley shows that while this man had only been around the monster for less than a minute, he went to the lengths of shooting him because of his…show more content…
However, after judging the monster on how he looks, no one from the story is able to see his good characteristics because they are too focused on his appearance. This is how Shelley presents part of her main point, which is you should never judge someone based on how they look, because they have many more important qualities. The monster was never able to communicate with anyone, because whenever someone saw him they immediately wanted nothing to do with him. However, the monster decides he will finally encounter the cottagers he has been watching for so long, and he plans the confrontation so the first person he will introduce himself to is De Lacey, who is blind. The monster does this because he knows his appearance is frightening, and no human will see him and be willing to put his looks aside. He recognizes he has good qualities once you ignore his physical features, and he is capable of having relationships with others. Since De Lacey can’t see him, the monster hopes De Lacey will notice what is really important, and convince Felix and Safie to ignore his appearance. When the monster introduces himself to De Lacey, they have a normal conversation. As the monster talks about himself De Lacey is extremely kind and understanding, he says to the monster that he is “blind and cannot judge of [the monsters] countenance, but there is
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