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If you were to do something bad, would you rather be punished yourself or your parents be punished for your actions? In Frankenstein we see that Victor Frankenstein creates a monster out of dead bodies. He is a very intelligent man and he is intrigued by the thought of being able to create life out of raw material, or dead body parts. When Victor Frankenstein's monster comes to life, Victor abandons it and neglects it. His monster feels man and unloved so he plans out how to kill Victor's younger brother. The monster stalks him and his family and finds the perfect time to kill William. After William is killed, Justine is accused of killing young William. Victor Frankenstein knows that this isn't true and he keeps quiet about the monster because he does not know the consequences of what might happen to him if people find out that the murderess monster was created by him. Some people may believe that Frankenstein is fully responsible for creating the monster, while others might believe that the monster was fully responsible for actually committing the murder himself; however, I be...

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