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The novel begins in a frame narrative: Robert Walton, the captain of a ship, recounts his adventures through a series of letters to his sister back in England. Walton encounters Victor Frankenstein in the seas near the North Pole and is told his story, and the major part of the novel consists of Frankenstein's narration of his strange adventures.

Victor tells Walton of his early life in Geneva and his close relationships with his cousin, Elizabeth Lavenza, who had come to live with his family when her mother died, and his friend Henry Clerval. Victor eventually goes to the university at Ingolstadt and begins to study natural philosophy and chemistry. During this time, he becomes consumed by the desire to discover the secret of life and finally succeeds. He fashions a creature out of old body parts and animates it one night. However, the creature appears so horrible that he runs away, allowing the creature to escape.

Shortly afterwards, Victor is preparing to return to Geneva when he receives a letter from his father telling him that his youngest brother, William, has been murdered.

Victor hurries home and, on the way, sees the monster in the woods and becomes convinced that the creature murdered William. He arrives home to find that Justine Moritz, a girl who had lived for some time in the Frankenstein household, has been accused of the murder. She is tried, condemned, and executed, despite her assertions of innocence, and Victor becomes despondent a...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the novel begins with robert walton, the captain of a ship, recounting his adventures through letters to his sister back in england. he meets victor frankenstein in the seas near the north pole and is told his story.
  • Narrates how victor is despondent and guilty knowing that the creature he created was responsible for the deaths of william and justine moritz.
  • Narrates how victor's father hopes to take the family on a trip, but the monster appears to him while he is alone in the mountains and begs his creator to make him another creature.
  • Narrates how victor dumps the remains of the second creature in the lake. he is acquitted and returns to geneva with his father.
  • Narrates how victor and elizabeth marry, fearful of the monster's warning, and sends elizabeth away to wait for him. after her death, victor returns home to his father, who dies of grief.
  • Analyzes how victor encounters walton, who tells the remainder of the story in a series of letters to his sister. victor, already ill when the two men met, worsens and shortly dies.
  • Explains that robert walton is the narrator of the first narrative. he tells of his meeting with dr. frankenstein at sea through four letters to his sister, margaret saville, in england.
  • Explains that monster is the creature that victor creates and narrates the story to victor. the villagers succeed in killing evil, and the frankenstein’s fail because they die.
  • Explains that mary shelley was born mary godwin on august 30, 1797 in london. her mother was mary wollstonecraft, author of a vindication of the rights of women. mary's upbringing among this literary circle contributed significantly to her career.
  • Explains that byron proposed that the group each write a ghost story of their own. this 'contest' inspired frankenstein, which was published for the first time in march of 1818.
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