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The creature's decline into the hate of all mankind is a ever-present theme

throughout this novel and the movie. The decline is a less gradual one in the novel but a

decline none the less. In the movie, we see hate for mankind right from the beginning.

Can we really blame the creator though? Never even named by his creature, his being of

unimportance, and his identity is worthless in the eyes of his creature Frankenstein. In fact

he has no identity, he is looked upon as a monster that was never given the opportunity to

transform himself as a being. We see a defenite theme throughout both the movie and the

novel of the creator never getting the opportunity of trying to fit in.

Frankenstein is fully aware of his mistakes. He knows the outcome of his actions.

He says in the book, "Rather let me say such the words of the fate - enounced to destroy

me … thus ended a day memorable to me; it decided my future destiny"(Shelley 40). He

calls his dilemma, a hell of intense tortures.

Ironically, Frankenstein brought his disrupment upon himself. Frankenstein is

quoted "solitude was my only consolation- deep, dark, deathlike solitude"(71). The

relationship between the two Frankenstein and the creature is in a sense a combination of

power. Frankenstein forced the creature into a life of

solitude against his own will. "Hateful day when I received life… accursed creator…I am

solitary and abhorred"(106). Yet by creating him, he had pulled himself into the same path

of loneliness. His powerful use of knowledge of creation has in turn role reversed the

approval between leader and suppressor.

The creature's monstrous build and frame has made him strong and evil. His

dislike for mankind has created a path o...

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And so, the total destruction of lives has been complete. The creature is brought

down alone with his creator. Frankenstein's wished to be happy and worthy, yet it was

forever imposed in his situation. The outcome of the creature was not the initial intension

of Frankenstein. However, through evil deeds and wrongdoing tragedy was destined to

strike. The life of Frankenstein was ill- fated from the begging of his plans to make a

creation, Frankenstein lost his loved ones and never got the chance to live a life full of

flourished goals and dreams. Rather a life of torture and self-destruction.

Frankenstein is loosely based on the novel by Mary Shelley. Gone are a number of key

elements of the written work: the endless arctic chase, the concept of a speaking monster,

the friendship with the blind man, and the creature's desire for companionship.
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