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A Frankenstein Beast
In the story “Frankenstein” written by Mary Shelley, she talks about a young Swiss boy, who grew up in Geneva and enjoys reading the work of the ancients and outdated alchemists. Frankenstein later attends a university at Ingolstadt. There Frankenstein learns about modern science in which he masters it all of what his professors have taught him. Frankenstein, as a matter of fact becomes fascinated with the secret of life. Victor discovers the secret of life and creates an large, ugly, and frightening monster to life. Shelley states how Frankenstein creates the monster with old body parts that come from the dead. The monster enters life to this world at a height of eight feet tall and enormously strong but with a mind of a newborn.Victor keeps his creation of the monster a secret to everyone including his future fiance, Elizabeth Lavenza. As time passed, Frankenstein felt guilty and ashamed. Victor could not believe what he had done and abandons the monster because he's confused. The monster tries to integrate himself into society but only to be beaten and not wanted by the people. Victor Frankenstein is the true monster in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, because only God can create life, cause death, and judge.
In the novel, Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is the real lawbreaker and monster in this story. It was surprising how he had the intelligence to gain and apply the knowledge and skills to create life with the power of science. Frankenstein should have not done this because it is unlawful to do something only the lord could create, which is life. Life can only be given by God, he is the one who can contrive life. Frankenstein had done an experiment that he did not expect to be successful but i...

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...a result of that he couldn't save justine from death. Instead, he remained mute in order to save his own freedom.
In conclusion, the monster is not the real beast. It was a victim that had no wrong. The creator tried to integrate into society but the people only judged the monster based on the appearance without even trying to look inside. The creature was not a saint either, Victor is the actual monster of this novel due to his actions. His love towards science and finding the secret to life made him blind. He did not know that creating a monster would destroy him and his surroundings. After all of what happened, Victor finally breaks his secrecy and tries to convince a magistrate in Geneva but does not believe him. Victor finally devotes his life to destroy the monster. He should have left the creation of life to God and let everything come to its natural nature.
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