Francisco Pizarro

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Francisco Pizarro Many people, especially those who live in present day Peru, do not know who Francisco Pizarro is and what he did. There are many great and important things he did in life. He made a great impact in American History. He was a Spanish explorer and a conquistador in his early days. He, accompanied by few of his men, were able to capture Atahualpa, Emperor of the mighty Inca Empire, and conquered the Incan Empire in the year of 1532. He was greatly responsible for the expansion of the Spanish dominion into the western side of South America and also explored the Pacific Coast of America. This are some of the things that make him important. Today, people don’t know whether if Francisco Pizarro was born in the early 1471’s or the late 1478’s due to some confusion on his date of birth. He was born in Trujillo, Spain, an area that was highly stricken by poverty. He was an illegitimate son of Gonzalo Pizarro, a farmer and a nobleman that fought in war in Italy, and was also the son of Francisca Gonzales. In his early life, Francisco Pizarro lived with his motherwhere she worked as a maid in the Pizarro household. As he grew up, he was raised with almost no formal education which meant that he did not know how to read or write and was an illiterate child. After seeing that he was struggling to learn this, he decided to take care and herd his father’s pigs and tend his father’s animals in the fields. He heard many great tales of the New World and was amazed by how these tales would describe that in the New World, there was fortune and great riches. After seeing that his father wouldn’t leave him any inheritance, since he was an illegitimate son and, he decided to become a soldier, go into war, and follow his father’s footst... ... middle of paper ... ... Francisco, died at about age 18. His surviving daughter, Francisca, married his brother Hernando in 1552 and Hernando was by then the last of the Pizarro brothers after the death of Pizarro and he had wished to keep all the fortune in the family since he was the only brother left. Pizarro is honored sort in Peru by a statue of him in Lima and even some streets and businesses are named after him. People from Peru all know who he was and what he did but many people from now don’t know who he is and what he did for Peru. Works Cited
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