Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Thesis: Francis S. Fitzgerald was a talented writer; his only flaw was that he liked the

combination of alcohol and the night life.

One of the most widely recognized writers of the 1920’s and 1930’s was Francis

Scott Fitzgerald (Beebe 339). He followed his dreams of being a writer, until he finally

succeeded. Francis Scott Fitzgerald was a talented writer; his only flaw was that he liked the combination of alcohol and the nightlife (Coale 190). He spent his life writing and trying to be happy with his wife, Zelda Sayre. His life served as a resource for his novels. Perhaps writing about his life helped him deal with his grief.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on September 24, 1896.

(Coale 190). Francis Scott was the only child of Edward Fitzgerald and Mary Mollie

McQuillan (Beebe 339). Fitzgerald was named after a distant member of his father’s

family (Beebe 339), who happened to be the author of “The Star Spangled Banner”

(Bruccoli xix).

Edward Fitzgerald was the father of Francis S. Fitzgerald. Edward’s business, the production of wicker furniture in St. Paul, Minnesota, failed. (Bruccoli xix). Due to this, his family moved to Buffalo, New York, in 1908 (Bruccoli xix). In New York he became a salesman for Procter & Gamble; in 1908 he was dismissed (Bruccoli xix). After his dismissal they returned to St. Paul and moved in with Mary Mollie McQuillan’s mother

(Bruccoli xix). Her mother was an Irish immigrant who became wealthy as a wholesaler

grocer in St. Paul, Minnesota (Bruccoli xix).

When the family finally decided to stay in St. Paul, Minnesota, was when

Fitzgerald was encouraged to study at the St. Paul Academy (Beebe 339). From 1911 to


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... characters of Dick Diver and Nicole Diver somehow resemble Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre. Dick Diver resembles Fitzgerald by being young and talented. Nicole Diver resembles Zelda Sayre by both being the force that held them back.


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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that francis s. fitzgerald was a talented writer; his only flaw was that he liked the genre.
  • Explains that edward fitzgerald was the father of francis s. fitzgerald. his business, the production of wicker furniture in st. paul, minnesota, failed and his family moved to buffalo, new york, in 1908.
  • Narrates how fitzgerald was encouraged to study at the st. paul academy (beebe 339).
  • Analyzes how the novel describes a wealthy man who is an alcoholic and his life is torn apart. after going into debt, he marries gloria gilbert to save his financial state.
  • Explains that francis scott fitzgerald had not finished the novel by the time he died on december 21, 1940. edmund wilson edited writings from the last tycoon and published them in "the crack up."
  • Analyzes how beebe's wife zelda suffered a nervous breakdown at this time.
  • Analyzes how fitzgerald moved to hollywood in 1937, where he wrote unsuccessful scripts. his love of sheila graham came too late, and his wife was in and out of mental institutions until her death in a hospital fire in 1947.
  • Analyzes how scott fitzgerald followed his dreams of being a writer, until he succeeded. his only flaw was the combination of alcohol and the nightlife. writing about his life helped him deal with his grief.
  • Narrates how fitzgerald dropped out of school and accepted a commission in the army. he preferred writing for the triangle club, and was placed on academic probation.
  • Narrates how fitzgerald met zelda sayre, the daughter of a judge from montgomery, alabama. he was discharged from the army and worked for an advertising agency in new york.
  • Explains that fitzgerald was influenced by his parents to enter st. paul’s academy in minnesota and newman catholic prep school.
  • Analyzes how fitzgerald's first novel was his breakthrough, but not his best work.
  • Analyzes how the novel reflects a bit on fitzgerald's life. it gave him recognition.
  • Analyzes how zelda's love for jozan is similar to the characters of tom and daisy, when daisy fell in love with gasby, and tom found out.
  • Narrates the story of tender is the night, which takes place in the gausse's hotel, a hotel owned by the divers, and the villa diana.
  • Narrates how dick diver's downfall was that he had an interest in money.
  • Analyzes how dick and nicole get divorced. nicole marries tommy barban and stays in europe, while dick returns to the united states, where he keeps in touch with nicole to see his children.
  • Analyzes how the point of view of the story is seen through rosemary's view.
  • Analyzes how fitzgerald used events in his life to influence his writing, such as in tender is the night. dick diver and nicole diver resemble fitzgerald and zelda sayre.
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