Francis Bacon, The True Poet of those Attributed to William Shakespeare

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For the past few decades, people have questioned whether or not Shakespeare should be accredited for writing his own plays. “More than twenty thousand books and articles have been written about the identity problem regarding William Shakespeare”(Palmgren). Because of his earlier years in life, people have always thought there would be no way he had the capability of writing the impressive works that he is known for. There has been controversy over whether it was Shakespeare, himself, Edward de Vere, Frances Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, William Stanley, or even Queen Elizabeth I. While many people assume that Shakespeare wrote the great works attributed to him, the actual writer was Francis Bacon because he was an intelligent and well educated man, he traveled extensively, and he embedded codes in the writings that gave hints to his identity.
There are not many known and proven facts on William Shakespeare’s early life. Shakespeare’s parents were illiterate which makes people question whether or not Shakespeare had enough education to really be the guy behind the words that are accredited to him. Shakespeare’s daughter, Judith, was also illiterate, which would have made it impossible for her to read and appreciate her own fathers great works. (Palmgren) Also, there is no known record of him ever owning a library. People argue that owning even a small library could not suffice enough poetic atmosphere for someone to write works like Shakespeare did. (Palmgren) Palmer Hall wrote, “There are in existence but six known examples of Shakespeare’s handwriting”. The only recorded writings are signatures and three of them are in his will. Trying to prove that Shakespeare may not have been familiar with pens, he was either given guidance o...

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...ts on the question of authorship”. He believes that the long word in an anagram which means “these plays, F. Bacon’s offspring are preserved for the world. Many others have interpreted the long word differently but most credit Bacon with this writing.
It is clear through research that even during Bacon’s time, those that knew him were aware that he was the real writer of Shakespeare’s works. Bacon is often referred to as a concealed poet. His friend Sir Toby Matthew wrote “the most prodigious whit that ever I knew of my nation, and of this side of the sea, is of your Lordship’s name, though he be known by another. (Michell 121) Sir Francis Bacon is the author of the literary works accredited to Shakespeare. He was capable of writing these stories because of his superior intelligence, his wide spread travels and his clever way of sneaking in clues to his identity.
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