Francios Rabelias

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In Italy, early 1300s, a cultural movement began. This period of time is known as the Renaissance, an age of reborn interest in the arts. During this time artist emerged with paintings that recognized daily life, in contrast with paintings of holy and importain people just a few years earlier. Artist began to paint in three dimensions, writers began write satires, and they started blending their opinions into their stories. They became concerned with human welfare, humanism. “ Humanism was a program of study rather than a unified philosophy. It stressed the studia humanitatis, or humanities, which included grammar, rhetoric (the art of persuasive argument), poetry, history, and moral philosophy. It was designed to make the Christian well-rounded and virtuous. '; People like Michangelo, Leonardo da Vinchi, Lorenzo de Medici, Raphael,and St. Thomas More were humanists. They were concerned with human welfare, this is the reason why it is represented in there works. The one I am going to focus on is Francios Rabelias. Rabelias was a writer. Over time many of the information we have about him as been lost or destroyed. “We have most of his works, but it is believed there is more. '; Below I have listed a believed chronology of Rabelias, it may have inaccurate due the lack of information on Rabelias. “1494 Now the Generally accepted date of Rabelias’s birth, although at times it has been published back as far as 1483. Born at La Devini...

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