Fragmentation Essay

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As metropolitan areas across the America have grown overtime, it has become the home of very diverse social and ethnic groups. However, when analyzing the communities that make up these metropolitan areas, most remain consistently homogeneous, particularly on the basis of race and socioeconomic status. The combinations of many of these segregated communities have created metropolitan areas that are socially, economically and politically fragmented. As a result, rather than metropolitan areas working together for the wellbeing of nuclear cities, select suburbs have flourished while main cities have become less prosperous. Cities such as Detroit, that in many respects exemplified the American dream, suffered extreme consequences due to fragmentation. In an effort to recover and, specific strategies must be used to combat fragmentation. By working with other local governments and in some instances state government to create resolutions that benefits nuclear cities and metropolitan area; the social, economic and political cohesion of municipalities will increase the wellbeing of metropolitan areas across the nation.
Fragmentation and furthermore the separation of cities was accentuated due to suburbanization, but to a lesser
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The federal government made many attempts to combat discriminatory practices, stop segregation and promote integration. However, local governments and the autonomy they so desired and possessed allowed them to create laws that disadvantaged the poor and minority, and regulated housing in ways they deemed appropriate. Fragmentation and segregation was reinforced through local governmental legislation, such as zoning laws and incorporation. Fragmentation also had adverse effects fiscally as the overlap in governmental services from different municipalities, or lack thereof, often resulted into wasted money and