Fracking Problem

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What is the problem with hydraulic fracturing? I will begin by describing what hydraulic fracturing is and then explain the problem that arises from it. Hydraulic fracturing is a process use in natural gas wells in the United States, where millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals are pumped underground to break apart the rock and release the gas. This process allows producers to recover natural gas and oil. It is a benefit to our economy because it reduces the nations reliance on foreign oil and it also reduces (CO2) emissions from the air quality. The problem with hydraulic fracturing is that the chemicals used in fracturing may pose a threat either underground or when waste fluids are handled and sometimes spilled on the surface. Some of those fluids get into the water wells of people who live near the fracking wells and pollute it, which make it very unsafe to do anything with it even to make contact. Fracking poses a threat on the people and animals that live within the shale’s. This is a big problem because the threat is so serious that the effects could potentially alter a human’s lifespan and possible end it short. Argument If the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing spill onto the surface as waste fluids, then it poses a threat on human beings. Chemicals are spilled onto the surface and become waste fluids as a result of hydraulic fracturing. Therefore, those waste fluids pose a threat on humans. My argument is deductive because I say it the waste fluids pose a threat on humans and I will have more specific information of how it really affects humans. The type of argument is Modus Ponens because it affirms the antecedent. Research Hydraulic fracturing also referred to as fracking was created and used to cr... ... middle of paper ... the Air with Hazardous Chemicals states, “Benzene, a carcinogen, and chemicals that can irritate eyes and cause headaches, sore throats or difficulty breathing, were found in air close to the wells”. People who live near the wells are at a high risk of getting cancer because of the chemicals that are spilled into the air. Even though when people talk about fracking mostly all think about how it contaminates water, but the big thing to worry about is the air that is being polluted. Water can be replaced by bottled water that comes from different areas, but air cannot be replaced unless everyone would have a respirator with them at all times. The scary thing is that some of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing are unknown to most people and those people don’t really know the affects that some of the chemicals could potentially have by just breathing them in.
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