Fourth of July Means More Than Celebration

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When the words “Fourth of July” come to mind what is the first thing one thinks of? That is easy. Fireworks, food, and celebrations with family and friends are what are commonly associated with this particular holiday. An article that was published by Gannett in 2003 in the USA TODAY, happened to suggest a different meaning of America’s Independence Day. The author Ben Stein, actor, writer, lawyer, and member of USA TODAY’s board of contributors, states numerous times that Americans should be grateful to live in such a great country. He clearly believes this is due to the immense amount of opportunities citizens have here and how and why Americans have these freedoms. Truly, Stein writes a very effective essay. There neither was one point made that was disagreeable nor was a point that should have been talked about missing. The writer believes this article was extremely effective and persuasive because Stein uses many anecdotes that add reason, and it appeals to the audience’s emotions. He is also very credible by doing so and referring to historical events and figures. By doing so, one can agree that American’s need to be thankful for the freedoms he or she has been granted. Stein’s point may have been made eleven years ago, but it is still very relevant to today’s times. Evoking emotions into one’s article is an ideal way to gain an audience’s attention and to get them to agree with one’s point. Stein accomplishes this with great ease. He first appeals to his readers’ feelings by referring to the events of September 9, 2011, and he states that Americans are starting to realize others wish ill on them (Stein par. 2). Stein is showing his readers how evil other countries can be. This reference adds great amounts ... ... middle of paper ... ...e citizens realized what they were doing was unfair. Stein also refers to a time when women only brought the coffee (par. 9). He is saying that women, too, at one point in time were not treated fairly either. Now, women hold high positioned jobs just like men. By expressing the counter arguments, Stein shows that he is well aware that America has not always been the land of the free. Even more so, one should be grateful for the way this country is now. Stein is absolutely correct when saying Americans should be joyful but should not forget to be grateful. By using the method of appealing to his audience’s emotions and their ability to reason, Stein effortlessly proves his point. His article is capable of being read by any American. It would give every person a greater understanding as to why they should be thankful they in the greatest country in the world.
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