Fourth of July

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July is arguably the hottest month of the year. On a merciful day, the air was dry and hot. The sun beat high in the sky, blistering and unforgiving. But today, the sun played peek -a -boo, hiding behind the thick gray clouds that seemed to beg for release. The air was thick, moist, and extremely uncomfortable. The thud of my shoes on the concrete sidewalk beneath me seemed to grow louder with every step. In a lapse of judgment, I decided to go on a quick jog before the Fourth of July celebration-- (celebration meaning pending disaster) at my aunt’s house, a big mistake. Blood pounded in my ears, and my pace became more strident with every beat of my heart as I rounded the corner and reached my street. At long last, I ambled into my mother’s bright kitchen, feeling that I might collapse if I exerted too much effort. She laughed loudly when she saw me standing in the doorway and pulled a chair away from her oversized kitchen table, signaling me to take a seat. I collapsed immediately, smiling gratefully as she got a bottle of water out of the fridge and tossed it lightly to me. “Hot out there?” she asked, returning to the casserole I assumed she would be taking to the barbeque. I laughed weakly, “It’s not really hot…just muggy and very humid. Hopefully, it won’t mess up the fireworks tonight.” She nodded absentmindedly. I sighed and heaved myself out of the chair, forcing my legs to carry me forward. With my mother and her casserole behind me, I decided it was time to get ready for the promising afternoon ahead of me. After a long hot shower, which mercifully loosened my strained muscles, I curled my long brown hair and skillfully made up my face. I ... ... middle of paper ... ...ler air. The sun was setting; the sky patched with beautiful pinks, oranges, purples, and deep blues. I smiled to myself, feeling a sense of calm settle over me. I walked back inside and changed clothes, hoping that after such a hectic day everything else would go smoothly. I was wrong. After burning myself several times with sparklers, I gave up on the whole institution. I wish I could say the same for my uncle. After successfully breaking a window with a screaming angel and having to run inside to make sure there was minimal damage, my aunt seized the fireworks, and cut short the celebration in fear for her home’s well being. I laughed to myself, glad that the day had ended without any serious injury and that everyone had fun. Regardless of the intolerant sun, the humid air, flaming gas cans and broken windows, it was a lovely day.

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