Four Year and Master´s Degrees

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The pursuit of an education is an aim that every human being tries to complete. Many have already entered the workforce actively chipping away toward a degree class by class. The lucky ones have been able to complete a bachelor’s degree without working a part-time or a full-time job at the comfort of their parent’s homes. People complete their four year degrees only to find it difficult to obtain suitable employment that is relevant to their degree of choice. The more fortunate ones find a job and pursue a master’s degree to further their careers in form of promotion. For example, many times a bachelor’s degree holder is working hard at Starbucks while working on their master’s degree. In fact, the hiring standards have been set higher these days and sometimes a bachelor’s degree will no longer be enough. A four year degree has become the new two year degree or high school degree (depending on certain employers or the career field). The master’s degree has become the new bachelors. For some people, the bachelor’s degree represents the culmination of four years of commitment, hard work, and sacrifice. With the exception of certain two year degrees like nursing, occupational therapy, dental hygiene, x-ray technology, and cardiovascular technology; the bachelor’s degree has become the standard entry level qualification. A bachelor’s degree sets a person apart from those with just a high school degree or an associate’s of arts. I mention associate’s of arts because it’s usually a prerequisite to be able to finish up a bachelor’s degree. For example here in Florida, completing an associate’s of arts degree at a community college allows guaranteed entry to a state college. Additionally, for many students, their future inc... ... middle of paper ... ...ifetime earnings. The promotional opportunities afforded by having a master’s degree are usually positions above middle management. Positions like senior management or executive type positions become open to master’s degree holders. Regardless of a person’s chosen field a master’s degree expands upon knowledge, makes a person more marketable, and it allows continuance to a higher degree such as a doctoral education. As you can see from the compare and contrast of a four year degree to a master’s degree, they are both naturally attached to one another. A four year degree is needed to open up those doors to be able to earn a master’s degree. In this day’s age of employers becoming increasingly selective, a four year degree would make a candidate competitive for employment. However the person that earned their master’s degree will always have the upper hand.
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