Four Stages Of Critical Thinking

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Intro to Thoughts
“Think”. One word. It is a simple statement. It is simple concept, right? Not when one is considering how to think. Critical Thinking is thinking about how we think. In this paper I will demonstrate my developing intellectual traits by identifying and describing my perceived stage of critical thinking development, as described by the Stages of Development of Critical Thinking model. I will also reflect on the Critical Thinking class. I will talk about what I found useful and insightful.
Diving into my Thought
First before I state where I believe I am in the stages of critical thinking, we must first look at the first four stages of development. I will quickly breakdown what the four stages are. The first stage is called
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When I looked at the different definitions I could see where I fit in the development stages. I can see where I need more work on my thought process. To become a deeper and critical thinker I will need to work on my emotions and shortsightedness. A Practicing Thinker is someone that I believe has not mastered thinking, but continues to grow more aware of deeper thought processes in a way that it is natural for them to sit back and reflect on a situation, problem or even simply an idea, and see many different ways of approaching dealing with them. I believe this understanding of how far it is I indeed have to grow will help me when dealing with the different thing I come across in my day. For example, if I know that I am not the best at emotional thinking I will try to look at a solution or stance I have made on a subject and I can ask myself to look at it again through more of an emotional lends. This and other “lenses “ will help me to move from a Beginning Thinker to a Practicing…show more content…
When we understand how we can think not only about the big picture, but also the opposing point of view, our world takes on a new shape. It is not just someone that comes from another location in the world, but someone that has a rich culture and ideas that may be different from ours because of the point of view. It is no longer just opinions but educated opinions based off of facts. It is no longer just a stubborn argument on social media, but an opportunity to educate others on why it is you truly think the way you do about the issue at
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