Four Principles Of Goal Setting

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Goals are crucial to our lives. They help us understand the direction we should go on and what we should avoid, but if we never think about our goals we can never achieve success.
Some of the material in this chapter will be theoretic like Law of Attraction and Parkinson’s Law. The principles follow what many have devised as being the most efficient ways to achieve goals. There are a couple of arguments that have been made that those theories don’t work as well as many have said. The choice is yours to decide which theories to use and which ones to disregard. Everyone is different and therefore what might work for some won’t work for others.
Goal Setting Theory
Two researchers, Dr Edwin Locke and Dr. Gary Latham spent years researching goals and
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Set deadlines for when you want to achieve each goal. Give yourself enough pressure to fulfill those goals.
If you start to feel stressed then it is a clue that the goals you set might be too unrealistic. Reassess your goals and make them simpler.
Break large and complex goals into sub-goals. This will stop you from being overwhelmed and will motivate you into achieving the goals.
Six Golden Rules to Goal Setting
These golden rules will point you in the right direction. The reasons why some goals don’t work is because they don’t follow the six golden rules.
Goals must motivate you
Goals must motivate you, they must convince you to follow through with them. They must keep you up at night and you must strive to want to achieve them. Write down your why for wanting to achieve this goal. Set goals that are a priority to you, you don’t want to set too many goals that you won’t be able to achieve.
The goal must align with what you want to have in the end. It must thrill you and if it doesn’t you won’t follow through. Think of the end in mind and the goals must all link up together. That way you aren’t overwhelmed.

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