Four Main Reasons For The Death Penalty

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When the government convicts, sentences, and executes a criminal it is not only morally wrong, but it is such a complex issues that there are several things to hold in account. There are many reasons why this law should be abolished, but I will focus on four main reasons that this law is nothing more than a crime being committed by the system. There are four main reasons why the death penalty should be abolished, barbarism, cost, the contradiction between illegal and legalized murder, and innocence. The main objective for this paper is to help the public, and the government understand why the death penalty is wrong, barbaric, and a contradiction to the system itself. Capital punishment can be defined as the system taking the life of its…show more content…
The reason behind this law is one of the reason execution is considered to be capital punishment today, taking the life of another will always be considered the upmost deplorable crime; and who committed this crime is only susceptible to the hardest available punishment: death. You then must ask yourself if death is the automat punishment, then why murder is considered a crime anyway. The state setting rules and regulations in order to keep things in order is just, and yes murder is wrong; but because a person decides to take another’s life, that makes it ok for the system to take theirs. Is the murders life any less valuable then the victim’s life? Is capital punishment, death penalty, illegal murder, or legal murder any different? The underlying fact is that regardless of reason murder is wrong, and it can nothing be accepted. Those who oppose the death penalty has a local advantage when arguing to abolish the death penalty, however it is the federal level, and the citizens who needs must be reached; they must understand the if you take out all the circumstances of capital punishment they will then realize that the death penalty is nothing less than legalized

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