Four Americans Killed by Somali Pirates

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Recently the numbers of piracy acts in the Somali waters and even farther, in the international waters, have increased, culminating with the latest news of four americans killed on a yacht hijacked by the Somali pirates.The two articles presenting the news are Four Americans Killed on Yacht Hijacked by Somali Pirates from Fox News and Pirates Brutally End Yachting Dream from The New York Times, the latter authored by Adam Nagourney and Jeffrey Gettleman. While the main topic is the killing of four americans by Somali pirates, both The New York Times and Fox News crafted their stories very differently through their writing style, use of language and perspective on the incident. Beginning with the articles’ titles, one can notice the differences. The title from Fox News is straight-forward, informing the reader what the news is about; if I would be an impatient reader, I could very well not read the article and still understand what is the subject. Whereas, the title from New York Times is different: it’s only hinting at the subject of the news, making me intrigued, pulling me to read more. It is very important to notice this contrast: The Fox News article being detailed and to the point, while The New York times has more of a literary style. The article in Fox News informs us there were 19 pirates involved in this hijacking, which is a lot when you take in consideration this was just a yacht with four people on board. The article takes us on a chronological trip through the hijacking from the moment the yacht has been captured till the 8:00 AM that last morning when one of the hijackers tried to shoot a rocket-propelled grenade at the USS Sterett and missed. After delivering the most official part of the news that included the ... ... middle of paper ... ... to me. The story is presented in a more interesting way and it brings in my mind not just the facts about the hijacking, but also other things. It makes me think about the reasons why people are risking their lives for a purpose and, for instance, the power of religion. The article in The Fox News is interesting but is just raw information about the incident and piracy in general. Works Cited “ Four Americans Killed on Yacht Hijacked by Somali Pirates”. Fox News. February 22, 2011. Web. Gettleman J. and Nagourney A. “Pirates Brutally End Yachting Dream”. The New York Times. February 22, 2011. Web.

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