Founding Brothers Leadership Style

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The Founding Fathers provided themselves for posterity to be ridiculed or copied as leaders. They created a new style of leadership that Joseph J. Ellis highlighted in Founding Brothers. If they failed in their Revolution, their leadership style would have been ridiculed as preposterous. They fought greatly after their unification as friends for the betterment of the United States. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams grew their friendship during the Revolution, but after they fought as lifelong enemies. Each recognized the history being created and coveted to be remembered as a moving force of the age. Adams worried the most of being blotted out of history. In today 's Republican Presidential race, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump 's early friendship…show more content…
Adams believed both parties working together, basically no parties, benefited the government and nation the most. The boisterous speaker, Adams differed greatly in leadership from his colleague and friendly-enemy. Jefferson 's made revolutionary noise through his writing prolifically, but Adams caused racket in the period through the sound of his voice. Adams developed into one of the greatest orators of the Framers. He disagreed first through “confronting, shouting, and ranting than he would embrace ideas” once properly thought through (170). Adams continued Washington 's bi-partisan presidency style. A problem arose because he constantly sided with the Federalists, but proved his bi-partisanship when he broke his friendship with Federalist Alexander Hamilton to prevent the United States from joining a war. Adams despised any criticism and the arrival of it from Jefferson demoralized the Adams presidency and Adams as a man. Adams, like Jefferson, made history through his time as president and his work for the Revolution. Fear crept into his mind that he would left out of the history books. Adams wrote to both Jefferson and Benjamin Rush, who had also been writing Jefferson, during the latter years in Adams 's life. Adams 's letters to Rush and Jefferson became a backup plan to his posterity. In an “effort to redeem his reputation,” felt compelled to write these letters, to…show more content…
The different styles created friction in their friendly relationship at times. The same proves true for current presidential candidates, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Through their campaigns, the two achieved large followings. Cruz 's thoughtful, mellow speeches outlast Trump 's roaring rants. This just as Jefferson wrote his documents and had no worry of being remembered. Adams felt the need to promote his side of history because after the first shock, and belief of his style ended, people grew weary of the yelling and found he lacked substance. Soft well thought speeches and writings outlast outbursts and loudness. Thomas Jefferson 's leadership acquired the historical peace for him to live in posterity. John Adams 's leadership jeopardized his historical peace of mind and dreaded the lack of his name from
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