Foundation of Family in Islam

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The foundation of the family in Islam are blood ties marriage arrangement more or less precisely defined. Islam recognized that the first marriage among human has occurred between that Prophet Adam and Hawa. In Islam, marriage is a contract or matrimony contract. A formal, binding contract is considered integral to a religiously valid Islamic marriage, and outline the right and responsibility of a groom and bride. This marriage occurred with a means of communication permitted by Allah S.W.T both of them. Initial wedding consent by the pronounciation of the groom in from of the bride. Confirmation or approval of a marriage typically occurs in a document in writing which registered wedding signed.
Respect marriage children of Prophet Adam himself not able to known how real systems. In the Tafsir of Ibn Kathir, what was narrated by Ibn Jarir from Ibn Mas’ud from some other friends that they said which daughter, then the son of his content in gave her with a daughter from other content. At the time, different wedding content can be as different wedding descent.
Recommending marriage highly, the Prophet Muhammad condemned celibacy. “ Marriage is my tradition ”, he said to have stated. “ He who rejects my tradition is not my followed ”. Not only does marriage bestow social prestige and status on men and women, particularly on women. It also incurs religious merit on its practitioners. Traditionally marriages have been arranged by the parents and are the culmination of involved and often lengthy negotiations between the families of bride and groom. A permanent marriage is of particular importance, and it a couple’s first marriages it is publicly announced and celebrated lavishly. The institution of permanent marriage constituted t...

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...f her husband, while the husband kissed her forehead or cheek. This activity is referred to as the "Cancellation Wudu".This is because prior to the marriage carried out, the husband and wife were asked to air ablution first.
Husband and wife also asked for prayers marriage as a sign of gratitude after the wedding. Islamic marriage is absolutely easy because it does not have to take a long time and requires a lot of marital assets as well as dowry, dowry or gatherings (engagement parties) should not overburden or waste.
In conclusion, a person must be fairly certain of his ability to meet the responsbility of marriage before taking a spouse. It is true that in Islam poverty is no barrier to a successful marriage, Allah has, as the Qur’an puts it, undertaken to provide for every living creature, and He can, and has promised to enrich the poor mates of His bounty
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