Foul Play

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It was late in the evening. There was a man sitting in a chair and flipping channels eagerly between two baseball games on TV. The man's name was Les Sutton. He was a towering man standing 6'3". He was built, worked out a lot and looked like someone not to meet in a dark alley.Les was a detective. His skills of deduction were brilliant. He also had an assistant. Les's long time pal and partner's name was Jason Meisch. Jason was also very tall but he was more lanky, built more like a basketball player. He was also extremely bright but not as intelligent as Les. Although Les was his best friend and the same age, Jason still looked up to him like little kids look up to adults, with pure awe and admiration.The next day after Les had been channel surfing for baseball games, he and Jason got together and didn't have anything to do. Being the huge baseball fans that they were and living in the state of California where baseball is everywhere, they decided to go to a ballgame. They figured that they had a long boring afternoon in front of them so they went down to Chavez Ravine (the place where the LA Dodgers play) and got tickets to the Dodger game that was scheduled to start in about 15 minutes.Les and Jason were enjoying the game while eating hot dogs and drinking pop. The Dodgers were winning by the score of 5-4. Just then, catcher Mike Piazza, let another pitch go by him. "What the heck? Piazza is playing terrible today. He has let 4 balls by him and struck out all three times he has been at the plate," Les said.Jason agreed, "Yeah, that is kind of weird. I mean, he's an All-Star. It's not like him to play like this." The whole rest of the game they sat in their seats wondering why Mike Piazza was playing so bad. When they got home they were watching the news. They had a funny story on about how in Las Vegas there was a lot of money lost on that game because the Dodgers lost 7-5. As they watched that story they both looked at each other and exclaimed, "Piazza threw the game!"They didn't have anything else to do so they decided to try to figure out who paid Piazza to throw the game.
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