Fossil Fuels : The Gas Responsible For Global Warming

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As one can see, fossil fuels are among the largest consumed energy resources, topping renewables and nuclear energy. Due to the low amounts of nuclear energy available, it is not possible to be completely reliant on nuclear energy. Therefore, renewable energies must be used as substitutes to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are defined as natural fuels formed from remains of living organisms. Some examples include coal, oil, and natural gas. Fossil fuels are used to generate energy and are the leading energy sources worldwide today. However, fossil fuels are creating major problems. Every time they are used, they contribute to global warming. When burned off, they release chemicals which spread out into the atmosphere and create pollution. The main chemical released is carbon dioxide, which is the primary gas responsible for global warming. If too much carbon dioxide is released, it can trap the sunlight in our atmosphere and raise temperatures globally. According to the IPCC report, over 66 percent of carbon has been used up and less than 34% remain (pg.10). However, this does not have to be the case. In this paper, it will be demonstrated how alternative energies, such as renewable resources, can be used in the Hawaiian island as a substitute to fossil fuels. Renewable resources are energy sources that can be reused without polluting the earth. Some examples are solar energy, wind energy, and hydroelectric energy. Solar energy is an energy source that uses energy from the sun and transfers it into a medium such as copper or silicon to harness the energy of solar radiation. It then converts it into a renewable source of energy such as electricity. Similarly, wind energy is a form of energy in which turbines convert the kinetic energ... ... middle of paper ... 3500 pounds of weight. Therefore it can be used to transport resources from island to island. At the arrival of the island, fossil fuels will remain prominent. There are still many cars that run on fossil fuels. They will all be imported and new electric powered cars will be issued. There are many electric powered cars that do not run on fossil fuels. The tesla model 3 is the electric car that is attracting the most attention. Although not the cheapest, it is the most cost effective car. For $35,000, it can drive up to 215 miles per charge. It can hold up to five people and has a high safety rating. It can accelerate up to speeds of 60 mph within 6 seconds. In addition, there is an auto pilot function. The autopilot function allows the car to change lanes, avoid obstacles and self-park. As one can see, the tesla model 3 is a cost efficient car with many benefits.

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