Formative Assessment And Summative Assessment For Learning

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Assessment “Children do not always learn what we teach. This is why the most meaningful assessment does not happen at the end of learning- it happens during the learning when there is still time to do something with the information” ( Wiliam, 2011). To me, this quote reflects a big part of the meaning of assessment. Assessment is the process involving measuring the learning and performance of students or teachers. It involves documenting, usually in measurable terms, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs. For the most part, there are two types of assessment: Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment. Along with the assessment, the term standards is used together because they each work together to assure students’ success in education. A useful tool many teachers use to ensure that their students are meeting the standards is Backward Design, in planning their lesson plans. Formative assessment is the assessment for learning; a teacher uses developmental tasks to determine what students have learned to plan further instruction. Formative assessment provides continual feedback for learning and making changes to your teaching plans to assure students’ success. For the most part formative assessment tasks are not always written or scored, these functions are only used to gain information on the pupils’ ability to master the skills required. Summative assessment is evaluating and documenting learning. Teachers use summative tasks to assess and document what students have learned. This term is used to record students’ achievements and ability to meet the standards at the end of a unit or course in the form of a cumulative written or performance test. These tests measure overall achievements of norms after skills have been mastered. With the documentation of these results, teachers can determine how well they have taught the curriculum. Using these assessments makes
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