Formalist Criticism In To Build A Fire By Jack London

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Formalist Criticism The story “To Build A Fire” by Jack London, is about a man that travels through the wilderness of Yukon. His mission was to get back to Henderson Creek, without being frozen to death. As the day passes the colder it gets, causing the unknown character to make life making decisions. Looking at “To Build A Fire” through the formalist critics, London uses components, to create the imagery art. In “ To Build A Fire”, there are many components that make up the story, theme and setting are used to show foolishness a person may be, being a little wiser, and a life learning experience, through the journey to his friends. Formalist Criticism are different types of elements that are found in the text. These elements include Style,Tone, Theme, Etc. In the story “To Build A Fire”, theme and setting play a big roll in the story and what message London was trying to imply to the audience. Looking at the setting, the reader gets a clear idea that the setting is the main structure to the story. The narrator gives the reader a clear image of what the setting looked like ,“It was a clear day. However, there seemed to be an indescribable darkness over the face of things. That was because the sun was absent from the…show more content…
The setting was being described throughout the story and playing a big role in the story. The setting of the story made the man and his dogs adventure a lot harder. It was a cold setting, and it influenced the man to build a fire. The routes and decisions this man made wasn’t the smartest and the setting and story made a message. This message was to have a sense of where a person is , and to have some type of sense as a reader. The old man had even warned him about what not to do, but blew it off and didn’t think smart. It also gives the reader a life lesson to be more careful of when and when not to travel. Also the conditions of the

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