Formal Synthesis Essay

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Formal Synthesis Essay #3: Women's Voice Dakota Block A Unfortunately to this day, men view themselves superior to women. All the women in these stories find themselves in the hands of the men in their lives. Only a few of them are able to find happiness and create better lives for themselves. In “Another Evening at the Club” Samia a young, poor, Egyptian girl is forced into an arranged marriage with a much older man and does not have much decision making power. In “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard is miserable with her marriage but is unable to secure it. Like Mrs. Mallard, Elizabeth in “The Leaving” is also unhappy with her marriage because she is not respected or treated fairly by her husband. Lastly, in the “Same story, different ending” both Anila and Aqsa make decisions that are considered questionable according to their families, they then have to escape to avoid getting punished. Even though the women in these stories live in many different countries and cultures there are many similarities in their experiences. A similarity between all four women is that they live in repression and a patriarchal society (a society where men are superior to women). An example of this is when Elizabeth in “The Leaving”, is ordered around by her husband “get over her ‘n’ make my supper wom[a]n!”, (Wilson, 1990 p. 3). This is a strong example because she is not appreciated or respected. Even though she lives in a different culture and time frame, the same sort of situation can be observed in “Another Evening at the Club”. This occurs when Samia does not have a choice of who she marries “you're a lucky girl,... he’s a real find” (Rifaat, 1998, p. 255). Along with these two women Anilam, Aqsa has to overcome their families not approving who ... ... middle of paper ... ...mstances, only two are successful in getting through it. They are only able to because they made wise decisions and were careful about how they approached their significant other. All of the women in the stories may be from very different times and places but, they all face problems and situations that are quite alike. Some of the problems that the women face in the stories are similar to each other but are a little different in their own ways. Each woman attempts to solve their individual problem with a with a unique solution. The women who are successful are wise and careful about about how they attempt to solve their particular problem. Since all four stories take place in different locations all over the world it will be difficult to get rid of these problems and everyone everywhere is going to have to work together to stand up and help women gain their voices.
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