Formal Presentation Tactics of a Genealogist

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For the formal presentations tactics I have decided to go a different path and not use my current profession for this piece. My obsession is family history; I have been conducting genealogical research for 15 years and over time have become quite proficient. I initially began when my twins were 2, setting aside a few hours on a Saturday once a month. My husband would be forced to manage two toddlers on his own, and I would get some much-needed quiet time. During my years of investigation I found many inaccuracies and as a result have worked on educating myself on how to really conduct quality research. I am now facing a large change in my life, my twins will be going off to college in the fall, and I am turning to genealogy to help me through this transition.

It’s long been my secret desire to become a professional genealogist. I’ve never even considered quitting my “day job” but I thought perhaps when the time is right I could supplement my retirement income with research services. Recently there has been a series on television “Who do you think you are?” which in a one-hour episode trace the lineage of a celebrity, incorporating “”, an online-genealogical library and the main sponsor of the show into the story-line (, 2011). It’s a great show but it is very misleading, not revealing the behind-the scenes research that really must be conducted. Two months ago I was being recognized at work, for a major accomplishment for 2010, and a young fellow had to write up a brief biography. His interview was an email questionnaire, and one data field was my hobbies and I had listed gardening and genealogy. He asked for a follow-up interview, and much to my surprise he wanted to know all about genealogy....

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...ed the variances in his audience effectively, presenting valid business cases, and solutions for both the technically savvy to the novice users. Coincidently I was watching the final episode of this season’s “Who do you think you are?” and at the tail end Joshua Taylor is the genealogist who helps Ashley Judd discover her Mayflower ancestor. His strategies seem to be helping his business quite a bit.

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