Formal Debate Essay

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Cell phones they are everywhere nowadays, they have become a need in the eye of the public. One feels much more connected to others with a cell phone in hand. Social Networking apps and texting, aid one to be more connected and closer to others around them. Cellphones serve as a reassurance that if one is in an accident, they have a resource to call for help. It’s not only adults who need a cell phone youth twelve and over should have one for the same reasons as adults do. The number one reason one buys a cell phone is to feel safe if an accident occurs. Adults are not the only one who accidents happen to youth are prone to them as well. For example, kidnappings happen mainly to preteens who have become more independent and have not yet learned how to keep to safe since they are very naïve. GPS trackers are fairly common in cell phones, providing a peace of mind as to where the child really is. Websites can easily be blocked on the cell phone. If the parent does not feel texting is vital they may get a talk only plan. A feature phone may be ideal as well they only have the basic func...
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