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Throughout these last few years, the fields of science and their discoveries have been blossoming. Researchers, scientists, ecologists, they’ve all known for a while that interactions between organisms and their ecosystem has a major part in the developing of new species, also known as evolution. It has been said that the environment creates a type of “outline” for evolution; events that naturally happen in the environment such as, natural selection and reproduction can often affect and influence organisms to fit into that “outline” (Lambrinos, 2004). Other ecologists suggest that evolution responds by then influencing ecology. Evidence shows that ecology, environmental studies and evolution are all joint processes.
Evolution and environmental studies are naturally partners. The precise study of evolution with ecology offers and delivers tools for combating many of the developing environmental threats, while those threats and dangers will in turn provided new information in ecological investigations (White, 1967). Environmental science and evolution basically “feed” of each other. ...
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