Form Of Intelligence: Assessing And Defining Intelligence

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Assessing and defining intelligence

When individuals hear the word intelligence, they automatically think of government, the armed forces and top secret plans, activities, or even political information. I found my brain doing the same until I was able to realize that intelligence affects everyone’s ability to think, controls emotions, and creativity to help make up who we are as a person.

I feel that one of the main forms of intelligence is language, and this would be my main form of intelligence. I need to be able to communicate with my peers, and to be able to communicate in an effective and knowledgeable manner. This form of intelligence allows us the capacity to be able to think in words and use these to make oneself understood.
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I do take in information from others, processes it and then I am able to discuss it later. Taking this test i was able to detect that I often learn by trial and error, in doing this I feel that I can learn more and grow from mistakes. After taking the multiple intelligence assessment I found that the area of math/ logic scored low, I did expect this because I have a hard time with math, being able to see the problem and then to solve the question. I find that my brain seems to get the information scrambled and I cannot comprehend what the goal is. This is something that I could work on to make improvements in my…show more content…
I have realized over the years that i have a good sense of myself, processing information, coming up with new ideas, working alone, I really enjoy the quiet time to think about things that are happening in my life and to process new information. There are periods that I am social and when this happens I really enjoy developing new ideas to help myself or others. I enjoy taking with my peers and engaging in group discussions. I find that i do like doing team earning or investigating projects. I am eager to learn by asking questions and taking notes so that I can reflect on the answers to make sure that i am understanding it
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