Exploring the Power of Forgiveness: A Personal Journey

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Forgiveness is freedom. Forgiveness sets us free. My moments of the perpetual journey of repeated practice and willingness to forgive has created my foundation for long-term change and stability. Understating the act of forgiveness and unconditional love has carried me to the side of life that is kinder, softer and easier to bear which has shifted my perspective of viewing our world and experiencing my inner self. Forgiveness of both self and others is the most powerful tool we have, and it is readily attainable to all of us. If you are convinced and ready to forgive, you may be wondering where to start. One thing we have to keep in mind is that Forgiveness is a process that takes time, efforts and commitment to accomplish. My suggestion is …show more content…

But if we have truly forgiven, our scarred emotions get healed. However, even if our brains recall the painful memory of past experience, we don’t feel any more of the sting of the pain and hurt of that experience. If we are able to look back at those painful memories and doesn’t feet the pain anymore, then we know that we have truly forgiven, healed and made whole. We all need time to work through our pain and loss. Sometimes when we encounter changes, it is either we experience gain or loss. Furthermore, some offenses we encounter led to a sense of loss of trust, security, friendship, relationship and a whole lots more. We may also lose our direction and forget the purpose and meaning of life when inflicted with pain through an offense. Sometimes our most horrible and painful experiences can teach us life valuable lessons, making us more insightful and stronger individuals through them. Forgiveness is all about finding what was lost and restoring the wholeness that one once had. I have overcame feelings of loss, rejection, anxiety and rage, as well as personal and marital conflicts through …show more content…

Scholar Robert D. Enright ,believes that “ forgiveness is not condoning or excusing, because forgiving is not downplaying or distorting what has happened as if what one suffered is something no to be taken seriously “ (2001). Forgiveness is not forgetting evil acts nor condone offense or hatred but realising that when we hold on to horror and pain of every offense, it diminishes our lives. Furthermore, we should realize that we can’t change who offended us but can only change our physical, psychological and emotional response to the offense. Besides, I made a choice to accept the impact forgiveness had on me, and that has helped me regain my sense of wholeness and restore my inner light. It is crucial to remember and learn that forgiveness can’t be put off, but must be selfless and from the heart. We should learn to forgive from most of the things that life presented to us, from anger, loss, survival and even perseverance. For reasons best known to us, we may feel that it is difficult to forgive others who deeply hurt us. We insisted that, that person is not worthy of our forgiveness. That process of continuous crossing that bridge that held you over the pains you experienced, will lead you to a life of greater peace and acceptance. Furthermore, because I had continuously stepped on it, it has carried me and connected me to another side of life that I have discovered. If you’re

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  • Opines that forgiveness is a process that takes time, efforts and commitment to accomplish.
  • Explains that forgiveness has helped them overcome disappointments, sadness, resentment, loss and anger, and accept that the desire for revenge only brings heart ache, turmoil and agitation.
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