Forgiveness Gives Freedom

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Forgiveness is wholesome for the mind, body and soul. Forgiveness is defined as the action of forgiving or being forgiven, which means that someone has to let go of the problem that had caused tension in their lives. Forgiving someone is freeing. To forgive someone it means to give that person a second chance. Forgiving someone means that what happened between people is put in the past. The pain and memory will always be the person who had done the wrong is forgiven. Christians are to fear the Lord because of how powerful and almighty he is. God’s loves for everyone is gargantuan, so Christians are supposed to obey Him and His word. God tells everyone to forgive those who had hurt them. Willingly forgiving Christians of their sins, and because He has forgiven Christians they are to forgive others. Although the world’s reasons to forgive other are valid, they are all but selfish reasons to take the initiative to forgive other people.

God is an almighty and powerful God whom Christians are to fear. Although God loves all of his children, He could still use his power for bad but He chooses not to do so. God’s children, who can be defined as those in his kingdom by the blood of Jesus Christ, are the chosen ones for doing His will. He makes it clear that Christians are to fear him. “Yes, we should fear God because He is the Almighty Creator who can discipline us should we rebel against Him. He is so holy and so awesome that being in His everlasting presence brings an inspiring fear.” (CARM) As this CARM states, God is so amazing and so powerful. He is not there to intimidate Christians but instead inspire them to follow him and live after the life that he had laid out for all Christians. “Dis•ci•pline: control that is gained by req...

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...ighty ways of forgiveness, it is just that person’ job to decide which road to take.

God forgives all of his children no matter what they have done in the past, are doing now, or will do in the future. God also asks all of his followers to forgive other because he has forgiven them. With the immense amount of grace that He has it’s hard to not obey him. God has so much power and is so strong that Christians are to obey him and his will. Christians fear the Lord not out of sacredness but instead out of awe of his almighty power and mercy. Although forgiving for selfish reasons do have benefits, it isn’t the right way to approach the situation of forgiveness. God asks for his children to forgive because he forgave them, to love because he loved them first. So even though forgiveness is good for the mind body and soul the way to go is by following God’s almighty will.
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