Forgive Student Loans By Richard Vedder

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Student debt is more and more popular with nowadays. Education becomes necessary, so it is the reason why more students have to take out the loans to helping for their education. The article " Forgive students loans" by Richard Vedder was written to oppose the current student loan program for college students, and he argues for legislation proposed to forgive loans. He thinks that the impact on student loans debt to the economy of America is seriously, and it can be a big trouble for finance of America. He presents this story in the form of an essay in which he shares his argument and reasons why the student loans are bad. This paper will evaluate the quality of Vedder’s writing weakness because his essay has many flaws and not enough evidence to convincing the reader. In “Forgive student loans”, Vedder becomes too complex in his writing, which makes it very difficult for the reader to understand. One example is as follows weakness for Vedder’s…show more content…
Then, Vedder continues his opinion by saying that "students shouldn’t be taking on any loans in the first place" (405), and he also says one of a big problem that this grogram brings to be worsening the national debt. To support his ideas, Vedder states that "forty percent of students" would fail from getting" a bachelor 's degree" and even receive a "six years" debt (405). They seem to make the student and national debt is increasing. The problem here is he only mentions about forty percent of students are failed, but he does not say about the sixty percent remaining are actually got their bachelor 's degree (BA). He might not know that these people are trying every day to study harder to change their life when they are having a chance to get an education. College is expensive, and it is not their fault. They are trying day by day to study hard to pay back their

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