Forever Young Case Study

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Forever Young will start off with one facility and expand along with profits. Once there is enough income collected to open another store the marketing strategy will focus on the first store. The store will be located _______.

Labor Requirements:

The first store will provide minimal wage in accordance with the state of New York, which is $9 per hour as of December 31, 2015 (New York State Department of Labor, 2015). As Forever Young’s profits expand there will be a manager of the store, and marketing advisor. Until then the owner will manage most of the social media and the subordinates.


The store will have one fulltime manager, who will also be a lead salesperson. Hours of operation will be Monday through Sunday
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The owner intends to drive up sales, establish a solid reputation, and differentiate products from the competition. These actions will establish a sustainable competitive advantage for years to come. In the future, the owner would like to transfer ownership to their children. If this is not a possibility then there will be a market leader with clear quantifiable advantages over the competition, and then there is the option of selling. The purchase price will include inventory, equipment, and displays. Another option is to liquidate assets, creditors paid off, and operations will cease to

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