Forests Role in Our Life

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Forests are important in maintaining biodiversity. Forests take a big role on the air circulation, maintaining water quality, and providing basic human needs and contribute to the culture and recreation. However, there are many problems that could make forest disappeared. The problem for many forests in the world is human. Humans are dangerous for forests because they destroyed forests in such ways as cutting down the trees that provide the ecosystem in their forest, illegal logging that using the timber for factories, farming for provide human food supply, and for agriculture as well. Furthermore, reason for most of cutting down the trees or deforestation is money. Many economists and environmentalists still have different opinions between how they can manage the forests in the future. Economists would think we have enough natural resources or forests that we can use for anything. On the other hand, environmentalists think using too much forests or natural resources for any demands or commodities will impact native animals and plants life. Animals and plants habitat will be extinct soon if we still do cutting off the trees space in the world. First of all, deforestation is one of the biggest issues in the world. There are many problems as the result of deforestation. First impact is pollution gases, these gases will be affect the atmosphere in the world because trees always absorb carbon dioxide gas which is really benefit for trees (National Geographic, n.d., pp. 9). Carbon dioxide is gas that used by trees for supplying their food through leaves. The second problem is greenhouse gases. Trees could be balancing in absorbing greenhouse gas because simply trees could absorb carbon dioxide gas. However, if we cannot saving these ... ... middle of paper ... ...tion. We have many ways to save our trees secure. We can make forests as a recreations or new tourist destinations. Finally we can save the trees either simply we do not have to cutting down the trees or we protecting our trees by monitoring their trees together. Works Cited Lindenmayer, D. B., & Franklin, J. F. (2003). Towards forest sustainability. Australia: CSIRO National Geographic. (n.d.). Deforestation facts, deforestation information, effects of deforestation. Retrieved February 02, 2014, from Forest Learning. (2012). What are the benefits of forestry? Retrieved on February 02, 2014, from
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