Forensic anthropology

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Throughout high school I spent a lot of time focusing on deciding a career path. It was obvious from the start that I would never go into teaching or nursing like the other girls in my graduating class. I wanted a career that would be both interesting and exciting while allowing me to have unique experiences. It was not long before I decided on forensic anthropology. I often receive bewildered looks followed by “what is that?” when I tell someone my chosen career path. Despite intentionally choosing a unique career it frustrates me to have to explain what forensic anthropology is over and over again. It is this frustration that lead me to decide to write my final paper on it. I am going to give an overview of forensic anthropology in order to explain the different aspects of that career as well as explore the topic for my own benefit.
What it is:
Simply put, forensic anthropology is the application of the science of physical or biological anthropology to the legal process, but in order to explain it in layman’s term further exploration is required. By itself anthropology is the stu...

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