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Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist My career exploration has been an exciting discovery of different things that I did not know about my career choice. I chose Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist because of the interest I have always had with crimes and how did they discovery who did the crime. Most of the shows I watch on television involves these type of mysterious such as CSI, Criminal Minds, and Law and Order Criminal Intent. I have to complete a lot of college work and obtain some work experience to practice in this field. Pursuing this career there are a few things I have to do such as attend college for nursing, complete all necessary coursework that will transfer for to a university to obtain a Master 's degree, and before going into…show more content…
I chose Forensics because of the interest I have always had in how they discover what was the cause of death and how they determined who did the crime if it was even a crime. Forensic Nursing has many roles in the healthcare field and in the criminal justice field. The Forensic Nurse helps investigate crimes like sexual and physical assault, and accidental deaths. Forensic Nurses are responsible for medical evidence collection and help interpret any signs of foul play. Their job is very detail oriented and sometimes requires them to testify in the court as an expert witness. Becoming a Forensic Nurse has two options such as attend a general nurse school that offers courses in forensic nursing then graduate and take a certification test to become a FRN, or become a nurse, work a few years in general medicine, and then specialize in forensics. The requirement before getting a job as a forensic nurse is still a need to become a clinical nurse and there are some colleges that offer a PhD in forensic programs. Jose Fermoso stated in his article that " The median salary for a forensic nurse is $39/hour, or $81,800/year, with the bottom 10% of nurses making around $50,000/year and the top 10% making around $140,000/year"…show more content…
It 's important to determine license requirements for the state to practice as a forensic nurse. There are two certifications available in the U.S. for forensic such as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) certification that requires forty hours in sexual assault class and at least forty hours of clinical training, but nurses must be qualified for the Forensic Nursing Certification Board that includes an oral exam. Forensic Nursing is not for everyone and they do not always work with the victims they also work with perpetrators inside of prisons or mental institutions. It is multifaceted and emotionally difficult because of the collection of physical evidence such as DNA or blood from victims after an assault, identify injuries, analyze psychological and social damages, and create educational programs to prevent future attacks. They uncovers a victim 's personal details in lengthy interviews and collaborates with lawyers, police, and doctors in evidence based investigations as well as testifying in court. The job outlook for Forensic Nursing is on of the fastest growing specialties in nursing and a crucial link between the health and law. In the Nurse Journal the article stated that "BLS has announced the probability of a 26% growth rate within the following decade, which is quite a jump compared at 9% from other careers" (Nurse

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