Forensic Fingerprint Analysis

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Midterm Assignment

Jazzmion Owens

Forensic Fingerprint Analysis CJ328

Professor Tracy Guaderrama

Kaplan University

April 28, 2014

Part 1
When it comes to identical twins we have come to learn that twin identical or not will not have the same fingerprint. Fingerprints are unique and are made to identify a person. So even when you clone humans or other primates I believe that the Friction ridge pattern will be similar but not exactly the same. I believe that in the process of the cloning process something will cause the fingerprints to come out different. Because cloning is dangerous there has yet to be a human cloning, but there have been cloning of monkeys and according to the data even though the monkey was cloned the fingerprint still isn’t the same.

Part 2
Next we will discuss the processes used when dealing with latent prints. First I will discuss the analysis of a latent print. So first when a latent print is sent to the lab who conducts the analysis? The forensic analysis is he person that conducts the analysis, or a fingerprint technician or even a police officer. Bu...
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