Forensic Case #356228

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In the Forensic Case #356228, skeletal remains of both human and animal were discovered in a hunting area. The skeletal remains were of potential victims named as either Robert Rutherford or Stephen Morton. Robert Rutherford, potential victim #1, was an African American, 65 years or age, had a pacemaker, carried a Gerber 650 knife, had unknown religious affiliations, and was 5’ft 6”inches tall. Potential victim #2, was Stephen Morton, a Caucasian 40 years of age, had a heart condition, was a hunter in the same area, also had unknown religious affiliations, carried a Gerber 650 knife, and was 5’ ft 7” inches tall.

One anthropologist stated that the evidence supported the theory that the skeletal remains belonged to potential victim #1. Therefore, the prosecution argued that the skeletal remains were that of Robert Rutherford, who went missing four years ago. It is known that the victim and the defendant had some misunderstandings about the hunting area and fought to hunt certain places in the area. On the other hand, another anthropologist stated the opposite and the defense argued that the skeletal remains did not belong to Robert Rutherford, but instead were that of Stephen Morton, who hunted in the area and went missing two years prior to Robert Rutherford. Stephen Morton had no known connections to the defendant, therefore concluding him innocent in the defense’s mind. There are some various similarities found in the case that could point in either the defense or prosecution, therefore the case needs to be revaluated for a third opinion.

The crime scene was located in a deer hunting area in a meadow. There were several different types of trees and foliage surrounding the area where the skeletal remains were discovered. The...

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...body was found and didn’t want anyone to acknowledge that his deer stand was no more than 400ft from the remains.

In the Forensic case #356228, the skeletal remains found in January 2009 in a deer hunting area were those of a black male greater than the age of 45. The jury felt based upon the evidence provided that the skeletal remains found were that of Robert Rutherford and the accused, John O’Hara was guilty as charged. The incidence was speculated to have happened around four years ago, when the defendant and the victim were in a quarrel over the hunting area. Due to the fact that John O’Hara went to confession more in February 2009, indicated that he had a guilty conscience. John O’Hara was known for hunting in the area and based on the evidence provided the jury speculated that he shot Robert Rutherford possibly from his deer stand, resulting in his death.

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