Foreign Policy: War of 1812

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The British apprehended American ships. British attacked US ships and impressed American sailors into service in their crews. The British fired on frigate Chesapeake, slaying three American sailors. British furnished Native Americans with weaponries and encouraged them to attack colonizers in the Northwest Territory and on the borderline who were encroaching on experimental lands and breaking treaty arrangements. American refusal to renew U.S. Bank Charter which British bankers had countersigned from 1791 to 1811. This foundation is hardly ever listed because global banking cartel seeks to conceal its schedule for world administration. Economic warfare of the British and French symbolized in such acts as the British Orders in Council, Jefferson's Embargo of 1807, and the Non-intercourse Act of 1809 were American regulations constraining American ships from engaging in foreign trade between the years of 1807 and 1812. Election to Congress of War Hawks from western states (ex: Henry Clay from Kentucky) who wanted war with England to gain control of western lands and defeat the N...