Foreign Language Essay In English

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The learning of word constitutes a major learning task in any language learning. Vocabulary is critical in learning a foreign language. In the words of Wikins (1972) "Without grammar very little can be conveyed. Without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed" (p.111).
Numerous investigators have emphasized on significance of vocabulary. In this way, Zimmerman (1997, p.5) states that, “vocabulary is the most important aspect of second language learning. The more you know the better chance to understand the language or make yourself understood.”
Nation (2001, p. 9) emphasizes that, “second language learners need to know very large numbers of words. While this may be useful in the long term, it is not an essential short term goal". He also emphasized
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Parents, family members and early adolescent are the most improvement and support of the first language. In the process of teaching a foreign language, the teacher’s use of mother tongue can impact the learner’s acquisition of the target language. Throughout the history of English language teaching and second language acquisition, the role of mother tongue has been an important issue. The deferent perspectives are reflections on the strategy changes in English language teaching, which have in such way brought alternate point of view on the role of mother tongue.
In this thesis researcher will discuss the role of mother tongue (Bakhtiari) in teaching vocabulary English. Researcher would like to find out to what increase and what decrease the role of mother tongue in the process of teaching vocabulary's English despite the fact that the utilization of mother tongue was banned by the supporters of the direct method at the end of the nineteenth century, the positive role of the mother tongue has recurrently been recognized as a rich source which, if used judiciously, can help second language teaching and learning (cook,
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