Foreclosure Crisis

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As one can see, changes in the government and economy have proven to have negative and positive outcomes. People are losing their jobs, homes, and sometimes families because they just cannot provide for their loved ones like they could at one point. Right now foreclosures are a huge problem for the United States. Economic downturn, balloon payments, high payments, speculation, changes in government, and a poor farm economy have been some popular reasons why the foreclosure rate is on the rise.

Economic downturn almost seems like an inevitable problem; however, I feel it can be helped. If we were not so busy spending millions and millions of dollars on the war each and every day, then we would be able to see that we need to be funding our companies. With so many lay offs recently people are not able to make payments on their homes. The companies had to dismiss the workers because of company downsizing. If our companies were able to be funded in some manner that would allow the business to be able to hire more people; therefore, giving jobless people a place to work and allowing them to make payments on time. Also with economic downturn comes lowered property rates. People are not able to refinance their homes for a decent value. This problem wraps right back around to company funding. If the people were able to make a decent check every Friday then they would not have to worry about refinancing. Now do not get me wrong, unemployment checks do help, but a person cannot live stress free when they have house payments or rent, groceries to buy, utilities bills, and in some cases schooling costs for either the person or the person's child.

Balloon payments are basically the same idea as a normal payment. The only difference is peopl...

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...Now the farmers are having trouble receiving the funds they need because banks know that the farming area is not doing well so they are not going to give money out to them with the thought of the farmers not being able to pay it back in a respectable time. To help the farmers out it goes back the company downsizing. The companies are trying to save as much money as they can, which cause them to not buy the produce at a decent price for the farmers. If the companies were able to be funded then the economic chain would not be so terrible.

Overall, I feel that companies need to be funded so that the citizens, investors, and banks will not be in such a turmoil. Ending the war completely would help the government have more money for funding in the areas that need money the most. Those are just my opinions on how I feel that the raising foreclosure rate could be helped.
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