Force Field Analysis: Force Field Analysis Of Starbucks

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Force Field Analysis of Starbucks
The force field analysis model is a general purpose technique model that was originally developed by Kurt Lewin. The force field analysis model views organizational behavior as a dynamic balance of forces working in opposite directions. These dynamic forces are seen as driving forces and restraining forces. The driving forces are the forces that support and invoke change within the organizations. The restraining forces are the forces that go against the change or hinder the ability of the organization to successfully implement change. A focre field analysis of Starbucks using one organizational change initiative that the organization is attempting to put into place will be reviewed.
Organizational Change
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The current revenue stream accounts for major sales revenue being generated from coffee sales. Additionally, the United States accounted for nearly 44% of the total number of stores within the entire company. Further the Americas accounted for 54% of the number of stores all together. Out of the 191,000 “partners”/employees at Starbucks, 141,000 of them reside within the United States ("2014 Annual Report of the Starbucks Corporation"). The statics provide the current state of the organization and a basis for the force field analysis for the organization’s global…show more content…
Starbucks has identified high value opportunity in China, India, Brazil and Japan. The large expansion opportunity of twelve billion in China alone is enough to drive Starbucks to expand globally. The organization has planned to double its footprint to 3000 stores in China by 2019 ("Starbucks Details Five-Year Plan to Accelerate Profitable Growth", 2014). Starbucks realizes that eventually there will be a diminishing return on their existing market within the US due to market maturity and there are only two ways to expand through diversification in their offerings and entering new markets. Given the international opportunity for growth and expansive tea market in Asia, the company will enjoy the benefits of the growth opportunity. Management’s decision to continue to grow globally is a driving force that has yielded

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