Forbidden Archeology: History And History

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When people think of the history or the timeline of human existence, they reference back to the theory of “mainstream science,” which indicates that the human civilization began approximately 6,000 years ago. Which brings into question, what about the time before that? Were there other homo sapiens like us living on Earth? Archeologists, geologists, and historians who attempt to comprehend human antiquity have conducted research on their ideology of human origin. Professionals refer to this as Forbidden Archeology. Forbidden Archeology is the belief that the origin of human civilization is far more ancient than what “mainstream science” claims. Based on the evidence, such as “out-of-place artifacts” (OOPARTS), Ancient Nuclear War, and mysteries…show more content…
Evidence such as ancient texts, carvings, ruins, tools were found by many archeologists. Examples of these anomalies include the findings of Michael Cremo and other archeologists who found not only ancient objects, but human skeletons and skulls as well. In Cremo’s “Standford University Lecture” he explained his ideas and discoveries on Forbidden Archeology; thus, describes other investigation from other archeologist and geologists who also believe that human origin initiated thousands of years ago. One investigation that Cremo speaks about in his lecture is the discovery of a human jaw by English archeologists in Foxhall, England. Cremo mentioned that “the jaw was found deep within the Earth’s crust in Red Crag Pliocene,” which geologist suggested to be two to three million years old (Cremo). Other discoveries include the discovery of a human foot print by Mary Leakey at a site in east Africa. The foot print was said to be “370 million years old” because it was buried deep within a layer “volcanic ash;” in addition, Leaker also mentioned that the footprint looked like a “modern human foot” (Cremo). Investigations and evidence such as artifacts, footprints, and skeletons are all items that can prove that humans have been living on earth thousands if not billions of years ago; however, that is not all,

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