For-Profit Colleges Provide a Higher Quality Education

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Traditional schools are becoming outdated, even though one might look at them as having lower tuition or even a greater establishment by history. The money spent is to sit in a class that has a fifty: one student to teacher ratio or a class not technological up to date. Where the schools spend more on teachers, and assets than providing for their students. It’s no secret that for-profit colleges are there to make a profit and charge more for their tuition; however, being in a class of ten: one student teacher ratio or even slightly higher, allows for the flexibility needed to maintain their current quality of life while continuing their education. One should look at the future of our educational system. Even though for-profit schools have high tuition and are there to make money, the truth is for-profits are offering students a better learning experience as well as a faster path to their future goals.
Making the decision to further one’s education can be a difficult one, especially when he or she has been out of school for many years. For-profit schools have become a convenient way to return to the classroom; however, one must take a long look at the price per course compared to non-profit schools. Knowing for-profit schools are there to make money and cost more, students are still willing to pay the high price. Some take out excessive loans and “Students leave for-profit colleges with higher levels of debt than students from the other types of institutions” (Deming, Goldin, and Katz 140). These institutions are clearly thriving in this modern day, are students getting what they paid for?

Though for- profit schools may be more expensive, the “For-profit colleges do a better job of accommodating the busy schedules of students by offering courses at flexible times” (Deming, Goldin, and Katz 146). With multiple courses offered at different times and schedules, it allows more room for individuals that are striving to continue their education while juggling and maintaining their everyday lives. There are different opportunities to take courses; one can attend them in the evening, day or in the online format, which allows for greater convenience to students. Many students these days have full time employment and or families of their own, so with this flexibility it grants them the opportunity to return to school.
For- profit schools have a small teacher to student ratio, as well as the ability to provide each student with the needed resources, and have the capabilities to sustain larger classes if needed.
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