For Our Sake He Gave His

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For all this that we have and have been given it's for a purpose. We need not go blindly wondering around and spending out whole lives looking for something that is merely in front of us the whole time. Yet God created everything and in everything He has a purpose and a plan. Nephi said, “Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.” Understanding that everything has a purpose and a reason is only the first step. If not for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we may not be redeemed and be able to come unto the Father again. Will we accept the call and be hero’s unto ourselves or sit idly as the world passes us by?
That a choice we must all make and decide. If we stick with is may we be blessed for all time and eternity.
Life as it is, it passes by and unknowingly we take advantage of something that is so miraculous and wonderfully beautiful. God really is, “The Great Architect” He has made everything and created everything for us, his chosen children. So that in all the glory and all the beauty we may learn and continue to believe in him. God created is out of his own image, something so pure and so perfect that men can not see his own glory. You would have to be like unto the Brother of Jared, having so much faith that it became knowledge. Significantly it say's that Adam was created from the dusts of the earth. That as it is, taken plan and simple is a great and wonderful thing. Even taken symbolically it can have greater meaning. As we are nothing with out God and his great graces, for He gave us life and agency so that we may choice.
As that of agency that He so openly gives us, that means we can interrupt or express our point of view. There are many in past, present, and will be in the future who cre...

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...nger. Yet we are not alone, for Jesus Christ has shown us the way and has made it clear for us to go. If we but all do these things we will be blessed in our lives and for all of eternity. I know and speak personally it's not easy and nor will it ever be, but if we have faith and do our part we can and will come to know the truths that will have us return to our loving Father in Heaven again.
Our lives are meaningless with our the Gospel, it means nothing for us to be here and just living for our own means. I know and will always know that my Savior and loving Heavenly Father have the best in mind for me. For they know me better than I know myself and they will provide for me. In all said, we must each decide how to live our lives whether it be in the light of truth and knowledge or in dark and of worldly things. You get to decide, that's one thing you can't deny.
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