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As I sit in my room tonight, my mind wanders back along the tracks it’s trod many times before. Together, it and I meander through memories, occasionally glimpsing at those it seems I’ve trod upon too often before. I remember those grand accomplishments of my own that faltered in my mind having no one to share them with. Equally, I remember those small feats of a group and the pride we shared together. I continue to wander through this mist, passing up happiness and sadness both until I reach a memory that seems fresh, untainted by over-reminiscence. I sit in silence and wonder in curiosity for a moment. This memory doesn’t seem to reflect joy or despair, anger or envy, but a sense of wonderment and even respect. Anxious, I reach out and embrace the memory, once again soaking in the lost dignity of a past time.

I stride through aisles made into mazes by too many displays and overcrowded text. As I walk on I ignore that small script, hopeful and dumbed-down explanations for the average citizen. A T-Rex lingers in the room behind me as I decide to explore deeper into the past. I pass up feathered and scaled constructions alike, criticizing some poor paleontologist’s interpretation of what he sees of the past. Until finally, after a long journey, I stumble into a new room--

Even though the figure peeking from behind the smooth plexiglass display is stuffed, I can still see the loyalty in its eyes. These were the eyes of man’s best friend, or man’s best friend’s cousin, as it were: the dire wolf. From the italicized text that hung next to the case, printed on yellow mock-antiquated paper, I read that this fierce thing had lived throughout North America for almost 1.8 Million years. It was larger than today’s grey wolves, sometime...

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